Case Studies

Booth's Motor Group: 107% Increase in Conversion Rate

Booth’s is your trusted Ford, Hyundai and Mitsubishi car dealership based on the Central Coast.

Services Provided:

Ford, Hyundai and Mitsubishi dealership. A Central Coast business driven by a Gosford family since 1939. Local business Booth’s Motor Group proudly serves the community from three locations across the Central Coast – North Gosford, West Gosford and Tuggerah.

Conversion Rate
Cost Per Conversion
Click-through Rate

The Challenges

  • Drive brand awareness to Booth’s, as a local company that cares for the community while increasing engagement and conversions.
  • Track the conversions in the users’ journey through the 4 different websites the business operates.
  • Restructure the objectives and main website conversions, focusing on those which matter the most to the client.

The Approach

  • Using the appropriate channels and ad types we developed full funnels that serve the right content at the right time.
  • Google Search and Display Ads along with Facebook and Instagram Videos, Carousels, Stories, Instant Experience, Image, and Animated Image Ads were all utilised.
  • Ads landing page review and optimization was carried out.
  • Continuous Always On campaigns were also the key to finding the ongoing bottom of funnel sales opportunities as well as strategy and automated improvements.

The Strategy

Period of analysis Jan – Sep (2019 vs. 2020). Google Ads + Facebook Ads.

  • Awareness and engagement campaigns talking about the company’s journey through the years;
  • For those users who engaged with the awareness ads, we’ve run conversion-focused offer ads, split by Brand or Vehicle interests;
  • Continuously A/B testing on ad types, audiences, campaign objectives, bidding, and approach; In that way, we have got a qualified warmer audience interested in specific car models;
  • A granular approach in the bottom of the funnel showing more specific ads according to users’ interests;