Case Studies

Bambi Australia: 262% Increase in Revenue

Through a targeted Pay Per Click campaign, bedding brand Bambi were able to achieve fantastic results.

Manufacture & E-commerce
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Australian through-and-through, Bambi is a family company founded on the Central Coast of NSW where we are still located today. Bambi celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2019, and are now one of the leading manufacturers of quality bedding in Australia with products selling both here and overseas.

Cost per Purchase
Return on Ad Spend

The Challenges

  • A legacy website with a considerable lack of user experience, making it harder to get conversions.
  • No website tracking and no PPC history to gather insights from.
  • Increase their brand awareness towards their sustainable products as well as their sales/revenues.

The Approach

  • We’ve implemented well-structured funnels, along with engaging creative assets;
  • Creation of some Buyer Personas based on client’s feedback and data, to guide us through the targeting process;
  • Continous A/B testing and excluding the less performing audiences and creatives, therefore increasing the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) monthly through the period;
  • Smart Retargeting based on users engagement through the funnel to keep the audiences warm and guide them to purchase;

The Strategy

Period of analysis Apr-Sep (2020). Google Ads + Facebook Ads.

  • Massive audience testing and rapidly optimizing the campaigns;
  • Retargeting specific audiences to maximize ROAS;
  • Product and Category selection based on ROAS and Cost/Purchase;
  • Dynamic Ads to scale prospecting campaigns maintaining the personalization level;
  • Product Feed optimization to better serve products and information, increasing conversion rates;