You have to manage marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, email campaigns; the list goes on.

Without a clear plan in mind, digital marketing can quickly get out of hand. And the worst of it all: Your SEO strategy usually pays the price.

Search engine marketing is a vital part of any successful digital marketing campaign. Still, while most brands are eager to invest in SEM and many forget the importance of consistently good SEO.

Start thinking about SEO early and you won’t regret it. If you want audiences to find your content and brand in the future, you need to invest in SEO now.

Google’s algorithm is changing all the time. Website optimisation techniques change too, so make sure you’re keeping up by going through this updated out our 2019 SEO checklist.


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☑ Competitor Analysis

If your competitors are ranking higher but you’re not certain why, then perhaps it’s time to get to the bottom of it all. Why do they get their Google SEO right, but you still seem to struggle (even when you’re offering better deals)?

You’re probably already familiar with your competitors’ websites, products and content. But SEO marketing is more than just that. Just taking a look at their website will just not cut it. You’ll have to look at the overall site optimisation.

The first step in your competitor Google SEO adventure is to identify your competitors. There are many SEO tools that can help you with competitor analysis, but we recommend either Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Generic keywords are not always your best bet when it comes to identifying competitors. Another thing to keep in mind is that just because another brand ranks for the same keyword, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily competing with you. To narrow down the list, search for long-tail keywords or use the competing domains function in Ahrefs Site Explorer.

☑ Reviews

The power of reviews is extremely underrated in SEM and SEO marketing. First, the obvious: Good online reviews are valuable because they show visitors and other potential customers that your product is worth their money. Great customer service does really go a long way.

The not-so-obvious: Google SEO is heavily affected by customer reviews. Google’s clever bots can tell whether a product or service has received positive feedback from customers. Positive reviews on your website basically tell Google’s bots that your website has authority and up your Google ranking goes!

Remember that Google has sworn an oath to provide customers with exceptional user experience by leading them to authoritative and high-quality websites that will satisfy their needs.

Do you ever buy something online without looking at real customer reviews? No matter how much you spent on SEM, SEO marketing or Google SEO, nothing screams value more than the approval of the product/service by other consumers.

Reviews matter so make sure you reach out to recent customers and kindly ask that they review your product. Instead of bombarding customers with questions right after they’ve made a purchase, try to approach them at a later date. You could, for example, send out thank you emails that link back to your customer feedback form on your website.

☑ Seo Tools

The perfect SEO marketing strategy simply doesn’t exist. Just like in any other marketing strategy, there are just too many variables that you need to keep track of. However, being able to properly monitor your SEO marketing strategy will certainly increase your chances of success.

If your goal is to increase traffic, then you’ll have to invest in the right SEO marketing tools. SEMRush is often quoted as the best SEO tool and rightfully so. It does what most other tools do but comes with a handful of extremely helpful extra functions.

SEMRush offers an SEO analysis and site audit tool that can tell you exactly what doesn’t—and what does—work on your website; web page optimisation made easy! It will help you with internal links and backlinks, titles, broken images, error pages and so much more.

Ahrefs can also perform SEO analysis but is mainly used for its unparalleled ability to build quality backlinks as it is considered to be the biggest and most accurate database of live backlinks. Both SEMRush and Ahrefs offer free trials, which means you can try them both and stick with the one that works best for you.

Several keyword research SEO tools are also available online for free. Of course, you should always be taking advantage of Google’s extensive library of free SEO tools, including Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Search Console.

☑ Local SEO & Marketing

Always in line with its user-first approach, Google strives to provide users with the most relevant and ideal information available. If someone’s looking for a specific product or service, chances are Google will recommend local solutions.

46% of all Google searches are local. Surprisingly enough, only 44% of retailers have claimed their Google My Business listing. If you own a local business but have not yet claimed your listing on Google My Business, then now would be a good time to do so.

People looking for local businesses are often on the road, which means they’re most likely searching on their phones. This is exactly why you should focus on Google SEO that’s mobile-friendly. Many of these searches are also performed through voice search so you might want to optimise for that too.

Always include a Google map of your business on your main website and don’t forget to use keywords that focus on location (e.g. near x, near me).

That’s all for now! The only way to consistently drive more traffic to your website is to be consistent with SEO as well. Website optimisation techniques change all the time and if you want to succeed, you’ll have to be able to adapt quickly. Let’s go over everything one more time. Your 2019 SEO checklist consists of:

  • The proper tools necessary to perform SEO and competitor analysis,
  • A plan in place to increase positive reviews on your website,
  • An increased focus on local SEO,

If you’re looking for more tips and ways to rank, then we recommend you check out our 2019 SEO Google Ranking Guide!