For many businesses, generating a healthy R.O.I on your marketing efforts and boosting your profit margins is easier said than done. Unfortunately, one of the biggest pitfalls is sticking to a strategy that has failed to deliver, hoping that all it needs is just a little more time. The fix? Diversifying your marketing channels and digital marketing efforts – and not being afraid to try new things. 

FOBO (Fear Of Branching Out) often leads to under-utilisation of the tools and platforms out there – reducing your marketing mileage to a snail’s pace. Using only one channel because it’s giving results is a risky game to play. If that channel should fail for any reason whatsoever, what do you have left to prop you up from here on in?

Here are some of the main reasons why you need to diversify your marketing channels right now – so your future efforts work for you, not against you. 

Choose the Right Platforms for B2B and B2C

When it comes to digital marketing channels, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. What works for your competitors could be your Achilles heel. Social media platforms are diverse, so there are plenty of avenues to explore. 

The easiest way to work out if a platform is a good fit for B2B is to look at the stats and check if it’s popular with other B2B marketers. If it is, there’s usually a good reason why. 

Obviously, LinkedIn is the leader when it comes to marketing platforms for professionals (with 91% of B2B marketers using it.) But what other platforms are popular?

  • Twitter (85%)
  • Facebook (81%)
  • YouTube (73%)
  • SlideShare (40%)
  • Instagram (22%)
  • StumbleUpon (15%)


While LinkedIn is a must for any B2B marketer looking for results, combining it with several other platforms gives you a safety net, should things change in the future. Product-focused businesses will benefit from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, while service-focused firms can benefit from SlideShare, Facebook and StumbleUpon. Both can also take advantage of the power of Twitter. 

Avoid using too many platforms, as this can dilute the power of your posting strategy. Where possible, try to follow the rule of 3. 

  1. Where your target audience hangs out most.
  2. Where you have the most prospect of finding new clients.
  3. Where you can connect with your audience away from work. 

Keeping Your Content Fresh

Looking at the online behaviours of B2B marketers, approximately 23% are searching for exciting and fresh content that delivers value and answers to the most common questions on social media platforms. However, that means other channels could potentially be where your success awaits. 

LinkedIn and Facebook lead the way as the most popular social platforms, but this also means they are overly saturated and highly competitive. Think outside the box and consider alternative platforms where your audience may be hanging out. If you target a younger audience, TikTok and Snapchat are two of the most prominent players today. Millennials are found on Facebook and YouTube, while older generations appreciate the simplicity and familiarity of forums and website-based content.

To take on the rise of TikTok, YouTube has launched YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts give businesses and creators a space to create short 60 second videos that are often used as a jumping point to drive viewers to their channel. Take a well-performing blog, pull the main points, and then create short videos full of character and personality. Showcase a product or service in action. Create shoutouts and competitions and build an online fan base that works in your favour.

Whatever it is that you post – and wherever you post it – avoid using the same images, captions and perspectives in more than one place. If you do, you run the risk of being seen as repetitive and spammy. Blogs can become engaging videos, and videos can become amazing blogs. Images can become infographics or slideshows. Captions can become stories. Basically, opportunities are endless when you employ a little bit of imagination and step out of your comfort zone.

The Future is Fluid

Today’s generation is the future, and their behaviours are somewhat changing the landscape of marketing. With a firm focus on the environment, equality and fair trade practices, businesses can no longer rely on money talking for them. Consumers appreciate transparency, and a limitless budget no longer guarantees sales and R.O.I. More than ever before, buyers vote with their wallets – and aren’t afraid to ‘cancel’ businesses that are seen as putting profits over the environment, equality or fairtrade.

So what does this mean for marketing? The first thing is to ensure that your message fits today’s social standards – and don’t try to use causes that don’t directly benefit from your claims. Look at the ways the product or service helps the consumer while highlighting any green or fair trade practices. Social standards can change almost overnight, so make sure you regularly check and update your messaging where appropriate and don’t let a simple mistake destroy your efforts.

A great example of this is Innocent Drinks and their ‘Conker Milk’ marketing campaign. While definitely applauded for their clever, environment-focused marketing campaigns in general, introducing a new drink called Conker Milk landed them in hot water – mainly because conkers (horse chestnuts) are poisonous. This was followed by a series of tweets warning people not to eat or milk conkers as they can cause death. Luckily, Innocent are masters of marketing and managed to turn the situation around with their playful apologies and explanations (while gaining a considerable amount of online attention that could be used to their advantage).

Basically, it pays to know the current trends, causes, and controversial topics of the day and avoid being too controversial. 

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