In the world of SEO and growth marketing, trending content is like a spring flower. It blooms quickly, attracts a flurry of visitors, then wilts and disappears forever. On the flip side, evergreen content is a camellia. It grows strong and steady, blooming throughout the year while attracting a steady stream of new and returning visitors. Which would you rather see on your website?

Since the start of the pandemic, trends have been taking centre stage. But these trends have been focussed on doom and gloom. Unless you’re in the health & wellness or medical niches, using trends such as COVID-19, lockdown laws and health and fitness is hard. Then there’s the fact these are trends. They won’t generate interest forever. In fact, most people have had enough of them already.

However, if you build a content strategy focussed on evergreen content, you’ll soon enjoy year-round interest that carries on working for you long after it has been published. Unlike trending content, evergreen content helps you establish your authority, boosts your organic reach and can launch you up the search rankings, saving you time and money, year on year. 

Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

If you take business growth seriously, then you’ll already know smart marketing plays a huge role in your success. The more people you reach, the more likely you are to see those lead conversions rise. However, reaching the right people is more important than reaching the most people – and establishing yourself as an authority on your industry or niche will build trust in your brand. But to summarise, here are 5 reasons why you need evergreen content in your life.

1 – Rank Higher In The Search Engines

As evergreen content tends to be informative, educational, always relevant and timeless, it typically performs better in the SERPs. By filling it with useful information of educational value, other sites are much more likely to link back to you or cite you in their work, helping you climb those search engine results pages. The more value it provides, the lower the bounce rate will be too – another major ranking factor.

2 – Boost Site Visitors And Traffic

With 95% of all traffic going to websites on page one of Google and Bing, just 5% venture to page two and beyond. As evergreen content tends to rank higher, the chance of attracting new visitors and a wider audience increases. Evergreen content will also usually have a much higher word count, making it easier to use keywords and latent semantic indexing naturally.

3 – Gain More Leads And Conversions 

Every visitor to your site is a potential conversion, meaning the more visitors you attract, the more conversions you could make (with the right content and verbiage, of course.) You could have the best conversion strategy known to man, but without leads it’s worthless. Value-rich evergreen content usually ranks higher in the SERPs, boosting the likelihood of snatching more of those all-important leads and conversions.

4 – Builds Site Trust And Authority

By providing reliable, entertaining and informative content, evergreen content is generally shared much more on social media than generic trending topics. The fact it offers so much value and info also helps you establish your business or brand as an industry leader, someone to trust. Basically, the more trustworthy you come across as; the more likely you are to drive more leads through the sales funnel.

5 – Works For You Long After It’s Published

Trends typically die a quick death, meaning most content is lost in the darkest corners of the SERPs. Why spend hours pulling together a post that will generate interest for a few weeks when you could create something that works months, years, even decades after it’s published? Ultimately, this drives consistent traffic to your site, helping reinforce all other aspects of business growth both in the short term and the long.

The Different Types Of Evergreen Content

So, we’ve briefly covered why evergreen content is important for businesses. Now let’s take a quick look at the different types of it you can create. You’ll probably be familiar with some of these, which is always a good thing as you’ll have a good idea of the direction to go.

  • Best Free or Paid Tools
  • Best or Worst Practices
  • Checklists
  • Common Mistakes
  • Glossary of a Topic or Subject
  • How-To Guides
  • Illustrations or Videos 
  • Product Reviews
  • Pros and Cons 
  • Recipes
  • Resources & Ideas 
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Top Tips and Top Tens
  • Ultimate Guide To

Now while these types of content won’t necessarily see you gain instant evergreen status, the ways in which they are structured and written can. As an example, if you’re a holiday or leisure business, you could write a post about the top 10 surfing beaches to visit in Sydney. Or perhaps you sell garden tools, in which case you could do an ultimate guide to getting a perfect lawn.

Think of how to deliver all of your knowledge, tips and advice to your audience in an educational yet entertaining way. Avoid using ‘trend techniques’ and add as much verifiable value as you can. Guide them from start to finish naturally, and of course, be relatable.

How To Create Evergreen Content

1 – Streamline Your Subjects

Keeping your scope specific to the topic at hand is always better than going too broad with your info. Evergreen content is supposed to be useful and assist the reader with a specific problem. Going off-topic will likely drive them away. By zoning in on one or two main points, you can become an expert on the subject, gaining the reader’s trust along the way.

2 – Use Relevant Keywords & Lsi’s

When creating content, you need to write for humans first and the search engines second. But that doesn’t mean one should be sacrificed for the other. Weaving keywords and LSIs into content in a natural way can be hard – and the search engines know when your keyword spamming, using irrelevant links or being a clickbait creator. Yep. You don’t just need to know which keywords to target. You need to be able to use them naturally, building context and convincing the reader at the same time.

3 – Join The-Dots By Linking Content

Evergreen content works like mycelium. The forest floor is connected via a network of branching, thread-like fungi, each working to help the forest thrive. In return, the trees provide nutrition to the mycelium in a symbiotic relationship. This is the same for the content you create. Use your past and future content to provide context, back up what you say and drive your audience from one section to another. Do this and you’ll not only improve your ranking power – but also your brand authority and trust scores.

Ready To See Your Site Bloom All Year Round?

At TALK, creating value-filled, educational and entertaining content that works for your business is our speciality. From finding those all-important keywords to telling a story in the most natural way possible, we do the hard work so you can reap the rewards.

Are you ready to generate more leads, more conversions and more traffic, year on year? Get in touch with us today and find out how TALK can take you and your business to the next level with content that grows, no matter what’s going on in the world!