With social media being one of the biggest influencers in marketing and advertising, what you now post on Instagram really counts.

Here a few applications that work towards effective brand awareness.


This popular photography app is the ultimate tool for editing. High exposure imagery and high amount of background space rate more audience views. Too much saturation or contrast can be less professional and produce low quality imagery.

It’s highly important to remember with instagram that imagery is the number one focus and selling point. A softer tone and voice works well with the audience.

The ideal instagram account maintains a particular theme, creative content and colour. It’s highly important in maintaining a particular structure and purpose through a social media content strategy.  What am I setting out to achieve? How is this post going to boost brand awareness? What is the purpose of this post, is it going to increase my followers?


This editing application is perfect for producing filtered photos. It lets you control the contrast, saturation and exposure whilst adding some amazing filters.

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Ideal for controlling multiple social media accounts. The benefit of Hootsuite it allows you to create and schedule posts.

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Instafollow lets you follow numerous accounts and comment easier. The follow and like tactic is one of the most effective methods for gaining more followers. Following and liking numerous accounts each day as well as making the unfollowing process after simpler.

Hashtags are highly relevant. Search particular and specific hashtags relevant to your business, like photos found and follow these accounts.  But most importantly don’t buy your followers and don’t over do with the hashtags. To the audience it automatically down grades your Instagram and steers them of your page.


Ulitmate application for Instagram analytics and marketing. It provides tons of free stats about likes and comments on your content. Get accurate and efficient analytics effectively. With this app it’s never been easier to control your brand.

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This application spaces out your posts and posts evenly throughout the day.  Buffer knows the best times of the day for your posts. With this application you never have to worry about scheduling times.

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Users who post frequently have a higher audience rate to others who don’t update.  Daily images posted should all maintain the same theme and content so your audience knows what to expect with your profile.

The most important key to remember is patience.  Plan out a strategy and stick to it. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Many brands who have a mass followers have not been afraid to step out of their comfort zone.  Get creative and start uploading!