What to Look for in a Marketing Agency

We had a potential client ask us the other day what to look for in an agency. That was a really interesting question and if I was to sum it up, I would sum it up as when you’re looking for an agency, you need to look for value for money. Value – it sounds a bit cliche, but value doesn’t mean the cheapest, and it generally doesn’t mean the most expensive. You’re looking for value, which is a combination of quality and scale to deliver, which should generally lead to results.

One of the fastest way to cut costs, one of the fastest way agencies cut costs when they’re pitching for business is that they remove things out of scopes of work and service level agreements and project plans that aren’t immediately visible to clients. Things like metadata and SEO in a web build or additional file deliveries in a content project, things that are not obvious on the front end of the project. The more of those things you remove, the harder and harder it is to achieve results or growth or a positive ROI or a positive commercial outcome from the work that you’re doing with an agency.

So when you go to look for an agency, the thing I would be asking is; what is the value you’re getting out of them. The way you measure value is – what is the return on investment you’re getting out of them. Can they tell you what ROI they are going to produce? Can they tell you how much revenue they’re going to put in the bank for you? If you’re looking at a Web project or an app build or CRM or some sort of a BA project, looking at the project plan and questioning the project plan, critiquing it, talking about the different line items – that’s really how you determine that you’re getting value.