Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the organic ranking of your online property (usually a website) in competitive search engines such as those from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In other words, SEO is keywords from your content that help an audience locate and find your site. That’s why what you write matters the most. Using relevant and outstanding content such as a creative blog is a great starting point, and then looking to build authority of your site by building an audience profile external of your core site is the next step.

Here are a few more helpful tips to get you on your way;

Work to ensure you provide quality content

Content is the main driver to gaining more traffic to your site. If the content is empty so is the audience. You should create a content marketing strategy to plan, research and construct your ideas and keyword research.

You may want to create a blog where you write about relevant topics, inspiration and the inner workings of your business. When writing avoid repetition to fill the word count, too many people fail to notice how many times they have said a certain word or idea. You need to keep it simple in both your subject matter and the structure of your content (paragraphs are your friend).

Find the right keywords

Keywords need to be relevant to your business so people can find you. A great start is to look at long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are less competitive and have less traffic, however, they are more specific on search results so those who do find you will have a much higher intent to purchase.

Keyword Phrases

The main objective is to make sure you always use appropriate and relevant keyword phrases that your target audience will find useful in a search. You also want to use relevant keywords that you can gain rankings for. Don’t be afraid to add links, H1 and bold tags for important key phrases in your content. This will help make the content appear as keywords to search engines. You can hold a higher frequency by making a keyword link to another page or site of relevance

Titles / Design

Catchy titles make for an excellent first impression and what better way to capture the audience’s attention than in the first line! Work on ways to create extra creative, eye opening titles but remember it’s not just the words that keep people intrigued but the design, so make it as appealing as possible.


Always update new pages on a frequent basis and keep the same consistency of topics that your audience expects.  Add new content on a weekly basis, keeping it fresh and exciting.  Quality and relevance will get you a long way in the consistency game.

You should always be aware of new updates and current news relevant to your business. This can include pulling resources from relevant influencers to gain inspiration.

If you are a Sydney advertising agency and your blog post’s consists of information regarding design tips or advertising for small businesses, for example, you’re not going to start writing about the healthcare system.

Always remember with SEO that you should constantly report, measure your process and justify accordingly.

Happy writing!