It almost goes without saying, but in order for brands or businesses to succeed today, they need to have a strong online presence. That’s why companies pump thousands of dollars into building and maintaining a quality website. Or spend crazy hours cultivating their social media following.

But there’s more to effective SEO than a well-groomed dot com or fistful of page shares.

Take local business listings, for instance.

Sure. Local business listings may not be as glamorous as a thousand Facebook likes. Or flash like an animated landing page. But they can play a big part in developing image, improving keyword rankings, earning consumer trust and growing your brand or business faster than you otherwise might.  

Why you need the Australian business directories?

Your brand or business can’t be found by potential customers if it isn’t present. Which makes local SEO one of the most effective tools a brand or business can use to reach new leads.

Directories do more than just list a business’ name, address and phone number. They’re a place for users to leave ratings and compare reviews; where reputations get built and brands get recognised.

They can help improve Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) and earn valuable referral traffic.

Competition can be fierce in any marketplace. But every new business listing helps expand your visibility. So it’s important to list with as many as possible if you want to develop good brand awareness and reach the top position on the list of local Australian businesses.

Here’s a list of the best Australian business directories that you can create a business listing ad today – absolutely free!

List of top 10 free Australian business directories

1. Yelp Australia

It is one of the most popular business directories in Australia with more than a million users visiting monthly. It uses features like Google Map searches, direct website and phone links to help present your business to users in the best possible light. And search engines use Yelp Australia customer reviews to help determine their rankings. Yelp Australia’s domain authority is 62, Australian rank is 615 and global rank is 39,276.

2. Yellow Pages

It is considered one the most authoritative business directories in Australia. It sees more than 3 million visitors monthly and can help provide excellent position in the local businesses list. Yellow Pages is well established in local social media. Which gives you an even better chance of being found ahead of other businesses. Yellow Pages will even show your Yelp Australia business rating in its listing. And you can add all kinds of important information about your business like address, phone number, industry, offerings, a link to your site, emails, and much more. Yellow Pages’ domain authority is 83, Australian rank is 220 and global rank is 17,078.

3. Start Local

It is an Australian business directory that caters to small businesses with monthly traffic of around 2 million visitors. With Smart Local, you’re able to categorise your business and add useful information like business hours, email address, website links and others. It even has its own blog and allows for user reviews. Start Local’s domain authority is 51, Australian rank is 4,407 and global rank is 221,538.

4. Hot Frog Australia

Lets you add a portfolio for your business. Which is great because you’re able to attract even more visitors by posting examples of your actual work. Hot Frog Australia also lets you add media like video or audio. Which are two of the most important ranking factors today. User reviews and product reviews are included as well. Hot Frog Australia’s domain authority is 53, Australian rank is 6,306 and global rank is 247,949.

5. Aussie Web

It is one of the best, oldest and most trusted business lists in Australia. They get around 140K visitors a month and use features like maps of your physical location and a users rating list of businesses to help attract users to your site and earn you higher rankings with search engines. Aussie Web’s domain authority is 43, Australian rank is 5,609 and global rank is 268,246.

6. True Local

It is another Australian business directory that specialises in small business. They receive almost two million visitors that view and leave business reviews a month. Which means a better chance of other users checking you out if your reviews are mostly positive. Listing here will get your business higher search engine ratings and work wonders for your social media presence. True Local’s domain authority is 66, Australian rank is 472 and global rank is 34,447.

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7. Local Business Guide

Lets you add your product and service listing and earn user reviews like other directories. But uses regional covering that gives your business added benefits if its not limited to servicing just local customers. Local Business Guide’s domain authority is 37, Australian rank is 16,850 and global rank is 574,709.

8. Go Guide

It is loaded with features. It features easy navigation for a clear view of businesses and many different free and paid advertising options. It covers different industries, utilises regional covering, and if you have a platinum subscription you’ll get a link to your website, premium position in the directory list and other premium options that help boost your visits. Go Guide’s domain authority is 28, Australian rank is 28,516 and global rank is 956,251.

9. Pure Local

It is great for small and large business alike. It features a transparent and easy to navigate list of businesses complete with full descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, website links, emails, logos, etc. They get around 75K monthly visitors and let you list in several categories if need be. Pure Local also has options for user reviews, sharing on social media and blog posts. With a paid subscription, you can even add media, advertising and more. Pure Local’s domain authority is 50, Australian rank is 472 and global rank is 1,651,544.

10. Local Search

It is an excellent option for local online businesses looking for better positioning. It’s a platform optimised for service businesses like restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, stores, beauty salons, travel agencies, hotels and plumbers. Besides the usual business information, Local Search provides you with a link to your website and emails, plus other features that will enhance your position with the business list on this directory. Local Search’s domain authority is 51, Australian rank is 1,857 and global rank is 111,324.