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When it comes to creating brand awareness, there are many different avenues to use.

Social media is one of the most powerful, yet one of the most difficult to use to your advantage.

Here’s the thing: content can only work when the right people are seeing it.

If the right people aren’t noticing your content, then you will fail to thrive and create brand awareness on social media. Social marketers know this when creating a social media campaign. And now so will you.

This is especially true for service oriented businesses. So how can you increase brand awareness  on social media?

Fear not! We have you covered with our top tips for creating brand awareness on social media.



Find Your Audience

Okay. So, your audience is the most important piece of the brand identity puzzle.

Which platforms are they using most? What types of content do they prefer to see?

Luckily, social media sites are pretty much search engines that make it easy to find what people are talking about!

Leverage social media search to find conversations covering your products, services and niche.

Don’t just focus on one social media platform. Take a look at the three big players and find which one your target audience  and potential customers are most active on and promote your brand there.

Choose Your Platforms

Now you know which social media sites your audience is hanging out on the most, it’s time to start pulling together a plan of action.

It is all too easy to think you cannot take on social media sites at once. But alas, it is not as simple as this!

Unless you have a full working day free every day to dedicate to creating social photos, social videos, blog posts, infographics, blurbs, etc.You are seriously going to struggle.

This is why you should choose your platforms carefully.

Start off with just two and see how you go. Facebook and Instagram are both fantastic options as media, such as images and video works well across them both.

Make sure your content creation focuses on high-quality media to improve your content marketing on social networks.

Focus on Photos

When it comes to creating and publishing content on social media, think of your audience as toddlers!

Pretend that they cannot read or write. What can you give them that they will enjoy?

Well, social media users love visuals! Photos and video are attention-grabbers and work wonders for helping create a brand identity.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at your social media or news feed and see which posts jump out at you and which ones you scroll past!

We guarantee that your eye is drawn to photos and videos over text.

Avoid using generic stock photos and get creative. Stamp your brand identity across all of your visual content for maximum impact.


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Don’t Auto Post Across Platforms

Keep your content individual to each social media platform that you use.

There is no point auto posting across social media platforms if the media is not going to be displayed properly!

Twitter has a 140-character limit, while Facebook doesn’t.

Facebook lets you add text overlays to images, while Instagram doesn’t.

An Instagram video can only be 60 seconds long while a Facebook video can be as long as you want.

Not forgetting to mention that repetitive content across all platforms can lose you followers.

Keep things fresh and switch things up to keep your audience interested.

Join the Conversation

There is nothing your audience is going to hate more than being ignored.

It’s a fact of life that people like to be heard. So listen to your audience.

In fact, don’t just listen, get involved… in real time if possible. Join the conversation and interact to create brand trust. It is the best way for small business to go big!

If you consistently post one-way messages that don’t encourage conversation or interaction, your audience is going to get bored with you… fast!

Strike up a conversation, make a few mentions, and engage with your audience for maximum likes, follows, comments and shares.

Use a CTA

We’ve all heard of a call to action. And if you haven’t, we can guarantee that you have seen one today!

YouTubers are experts at call to actions. Not only have they all nailed that dreary “hey guys” at the start of their video. They also finish off with a plea for you to like, comment and subscribe.

And do you know what? It works!

Of course, if you are trying to get people to visit your blog then posting a link and asking them to read it is the way to go.

You can always add a CTA to your social photos and social videos for maximum impact.

As the old saying goes… “don’t ask, don’t get.”

Connect with the Right People

Want to know a secret? One of the best ways you can use social media to your advantage is to connect with social media influencers.

These are the people who have built up huge fan bases and followings online.

But an influencer isn’t always a person. Sometimes it’s a business or a brand itself.

While you work on becoming a social media influencer yourself, reach out to those who have already achieved success.

Make sure that they are non-competing but in a related niche.

Of course, to get them on side you are going to have to show them that they can benefit from it.

The easiest way? Content sharing! And if that doesn’t work for you, consider making them an affiliate with revenue earning potential.

Like your Audience Back

If your audience takes time to leave you a comment or message on social media, make sure you give it a like.

Again, it’s that whole ‘feeling listened to’ thing that works wonders.

Even if the comment they leave is negative, make sure you follow up with a positive.

Never, and we NEVER get into an argument with your audience. It makes you look arrogant, childish and completely unprofessional. If someone persistently badgers you on social media, block them. Simple!

For comments on social media that you are particularly pleased with, drop the comment or a personal message in their inbox with a message of thanks.

You can also highlight those messages you appreciate the most and engage your audience with questions on the comment.

This all helps keep your post alive and the conversation flowing.

Last Thing

The final thing that you are going to want to do to improve your brand awareness on social media is keep track of everything.

This means paying attention to how many likes comments and shares each post gets.

This helps you understand what content is scoring highly with your audience and what is tanking.

You can then focus on creating more of the most popular content types for maximum brand awareness.


brand awareness social 2


So, basically, all you really need to do is choose the right social media channels, create the right content, and get involved.

Don’t expect magic to happen overnight. Brand awareness takes time. If it did happen overnight, every brand would be at the forefront of your audience’s mind, making brand awareness worthless!

Invest your time wisely and sooner or later your audience will grow to recognise your brand immediately.

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