The symbiotic relationship between above the line and digital media is evident in the contemporary advertising landscape. From an agency perspective, both forms work in tandem to produce real results for clients.

Digital media is all about the click. The immediacy of tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Google provide an ideal avenue for direct response campaigns. Within a matter of moments, users can immerse themselves in your creative content, have their questions answered and make a purchase.

The enduring relevance of traditional mediums, however, is their ability to build brand awareness. Although channels such as TV, print and radio are not as measurable as digital marketing, the passive reception of targeted messages ensures consumers think of your brand first when looking for a product.

By combining the merits of old and new methods, businesses can develop strong and engaging campaigns that connect with customers on multiple psychological levels and in multiple environments.

Many of the big guns in marketing have recognised and utilised this integrated approach. For example, during last year’s Super Bowl broadcast, 58% of companies incorporated hashtags at the end of their ads to both passively connect with consumers and drive active online engagement.

For now, it’s obvious to see where channel strategies are headed. But with traditional mediums such as TV and press becoming cheaper to utilise and online audiences growing rapidly each day, will the marketing evolution see a merger of the mediums or an eventual role reversal?

Guess we’ll have to keep searching the net and watching the tele to find out.