Crafty ad campaigns, sales conversions and publicity rates aside, one of the most valuable ingredients for company success is a solid client-agency relationship. A seamless merger of both parties’ knowledge and skill bases will witness quick and holistic results with mutually beneficial rewards.

Reaching this ideal, however, can be a delicate process. We’ve narrowed down our best tried and tested rules to maintain a successful client-agency relationship.

1. Trust:

This is the most important aspect of the relationship. The agency needs to trust that the client is being clear regarding their needs and goals, and conversely, the client needs to offer this transparency and freedom for the agency to deliver their best work.

2. Knowledge of each others’ needs:

It’s easy enough for an agency to sit back, do their allocated work and send off an invoice each month, but when the client’s Executives are answering to Boards and trying to turn profits, they need suppliers that understand these challenges. The best agencies know about business as well as creative. Similarly, clients will benefit through an understanding of the fast-paced media world, and by making concessions to quickly respond to client requests.

3. Be clear about each others’ expectations:

Following on from the last point, both parties must be honest about their expectations. Clients should be honest about what they expect for their money, and agencies must be honest about what they can deliver. A lack of transparency won’t do any favours.

4. Celebrate each others’ successes:

Constant feedback and celebrating large and small successes are also important. Feedback allows both the client and agency to make necessary adjustments in their work towards a common goal, and every time progress is made towards achieving that goal, it’s worthwhile to give each other a pat on the back. A bit of encouragement can go a long way.