The internet is growing at a breakneck pace; almost doubling annually its size in recent years. For users and consumers, that means almost infinite results when it comes to search. So in 2018, how are you supposed to get your website ranking in such a hyper competitive market?  

You can start with WordPress, and the huge variety of free SEO plugins that go along with it. 

WordPress is the popular open source website creation platform that powers a whopping 28% of the internet. And here’s a lot to dig about it.

It’s easy to use, search engines love it and WordPress doesn’t require any special knowledge of HTML editing or FTP software to build a beautiful website with.

But one of the biggest reasons people are gravitating to WordPress in record numbers is for the free SEO plugins.

Plugins are software extensions easily added to WordPress sites that enhance performance and increase functionality. And there are literally thousands of them available for free.

Here are 5 that we happen to really like.  

Yoast SEO plugin

Keywords and quality content are what drive traffic to your website and help it to rank higher with search engines. Which makes the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress on of the most valuable free plugins you can upload and add to your brand or business’ website.

Yoast analyzes your content to ensure you’re using keywords to their fullest potential.

Using too many keywords (keyword stuffing), or using keywords without any real purpose behind them, will result in search engine penalties that lower your ranking.

But if you’re not using keywords enough throughout your copy, your content won’t register any SEO effects at all.

The Yoast SEO plugin is a tool that checks how many times you’ve used a specific keyword in your content. It shows you where the keyword appears and how your content will look in search engines results with a convenient Google Search Result Snippet preview.

Yoast SEO for WordPress lets you add meta descriptions, meta titles and meta tags;  generate XML sitemaps and plenty more. It’s the plugin that increases click through rate, improves organic search results and helps your site rank higher by helping you make the best possible use of keywords.

All in One SEO Pack

The name kind of says it all. The most complete of all free seo plugins. 

Which makes the All in One SEO Pack one of the best free seo plugin options business owners, webmasters and digital marketers can use to improve SEO.

It’s list of features is impressive. But so is the plugin’s flexibility. Installing the All in One SEO Pack doesn’t lock you in to using all of the plugin’s available options. Only use the features you want – the way you want to use them.

Features like XML sitemap and canonical URL support, Google Analytics integration and the ability to optimise content titles and generate meta tags automatically.

The All in One SEO Pack provides free WooCommerce integration (a feature premium packages usually charge for) and the option to enter your data manually or have it taken care of automatically.

The All in One SEO Pack is compatible with hundreds of other plugins. And available in 57 languages with a pro option upgrade that’s loaded with even more advanced SEO features.

SEO Framework

It may not be as well known as Yoast or the All in One SEO Pack, but SEO Framework is a super-useful plugin popular with savvy WordPress users, and often nipping on the industry leaders when it comes to free seo plugins. 

With SEO Framework, you can set meta titles and descriptions. And add social meta information that helps increase social shares.

The flexibility of SEO Framework allows you to “set and forget” basic schema information, sitemap functions and other search engine settings for all posts. Or you can change the settings for individual posts manually at any time.  

The plugin provides support for bbPress, WooCommerce and other custom post types and even gives helpful recommendations for what’s best for your SEO as you go.

Smush Image Compression and Optimisation

Right now, Smush is the most popular image compression plugin out there, and a great free SEO plugin to add to your kit. People use because its effective. But they love it because it’s so simple to use.

When the images on your site are properly optimised, it saves on bandwidth. And gives the loading speed of your pages a boost; two effects that can have a big impact on search engine rankings.

With Smush, resizing full images is easy. As painless as moving a slider to adjust images individually. Or clicking your mouse once to initiate an automated process that scans all the images on your site, compressing any that haven’t already been optimised.

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is another free SEO plugin for WordPress.

It’s a tool that lets you rewrite titles so they’re more suitable for SEO. Imagine being able to automatically generate Open Graph data for all elements of your web page. Including attachments and user profile pages that improve social network sharing.

SEO Ultimate also includes a Deeplink Juggernaut; just set up your keywords and the plugin will automatically generate internal links on your website.

There’s a Rich Snippet creator for improving the look of your content and supplementary Search Engine Results Page (SERP) data that will help you increase organic search results. The SEO Ultimate plugin lets you highlight your Google+ profile picture to attract a bigger audience so your brand or business name ranks better with search engines too.

Improving SEO isn’t easy. It takes effort. Long hours. And many sparks of creative thinking. WordPress plugins help too.

From simple, easy-to-use add-ons like Yoast, to more dynamic tools offering advanced features, there are hundreds of free seo plugins out there that can help capture the results you’re after. No matter where you’re at on the SEO learning curve.

Increase organic traffic, attract more visitors from your social networking platforms, optimise content, earn higher search engine rankings, improve online visibility and make your site easier for users to find – and do it all for free.
That’s the power of free SEO plugins for WordPress. Start putting them to work for your brand or business today, and you’ll start seeing measurable SEO improvements sooner than you think.