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Goggle history timeline

The History of Google – Then and Now

A giant among giants. In just 25 years, Google has managed to grow from a small company to one of the most valuable multi-billion companies in the world. Google’s logo and search engine home page are easily recognisable all around the world. Today, Google serves about 4.5 billion users in […]

history of youtube

The Evolutionary History of YouTube 

Next year, the world’s biggest and best-known video site turns 15. From humble beginnings as a place for amateurs to upload videos to a platform that launches global cyber stars, YouTube continues to grow day by day. Each month, more than 4 billion hours of video content are viewed. And […]

Best CMS 2019

CMS Options for 2019 – Guide to 8 of the Best

To kick things of, let’s first take a look at what a CMS is. A Content Management System (CMS) is an application that helps you publish and manage your web content in an automated, intuitive fashion. Think of it as the digital bakery where all the bread is made. In […]