With the continual ups and downs of working life over the past 2 years, we needed to make Talk’s employees’ needs top of mind as we navigated a changing approach to how we work with each other into the future. 

With COVID-19 throwing our Australian based and remote teams in and out of lockdowns, with half the office almost permanently working from home and with the uncertainty of the situation, it was our duty as a business to make sure we were looking internally at our structure to make sure we were providing a supportive and inclusive working environment for our employees. One that they felt valued in.

As we start to look at other remote working opportunities for all team members and adopt hybrid working models, it’s important to get to any underlying issues or concerns quickly so we can all grow happily into 2022. 

This is why, at the end of 2021, our first ever Happiness Survey was brought in. A series of short questions aimed at 4 different areas of the business we see that are crucial for employee satisfaction.

  • Recognition 
  • Business Transparency 
  • Role Growth, Employee Benefits and Salary
  • Workloads, Wellbeing and Culture

These were our key findings. 

  • 84% of employees felt recognised by the business as a whole. Which means our aim for 2022 is to make every individual feel valued and recognised for the work and personal contributions to the business
  • Communication and transparency of the business ranks highly, but there is room for more direct communication on overall goals and objectives
  • Employees felt there was room to grow in their current role and they were being paid fairly for what was required of them. 
  • Workload was a big stressor that affects their mental health, with 44% often experiencing burnout of overwhelm. 
  • 100% of employees were happy with the benefits offered by Talk, however educational and training opportunities ranked highly on the things that employees would like to see more of.
  • The majority of employees are currently happy working for Talk, citing the business as Supportive, progressive, fun, friendly and passionate.

If you are interested in looking at, in full, the questions we asked and their responses. You can view the full survey results right here >  Happiness Survey Results. 2021.

To keep a pulse check and to deliver on what we have promised our employees, we are continuing these surveys throughout the year. This also opens up the conversation between the teams and the business for more open and honest communication. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that coming together and being heard across our Australian and remote based teams is crucial to the happiness and success of our Agency. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds.