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Episode 9 – Digital Operations

In such a fast-paced and changing industry it is more than ever the time to utilise…

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Episode 8 – Strategy / Planning

Without strategy & planning there would be no objectives or campaign, it would be…

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Episode 7 – UX / Design / Brand Consistency

Great user experience, design and brand consistency are valuable ways to align with…

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Episode 6 – Social Presence

Everyone knows it’s important to establish a strong social presence with their…

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Episode 4 – Paid Advertising

In this episode interviewing Tarsis, we explore SEM opportunities and advertising…

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Episode 3 – SEO

This episode chatting with Ricardo explores the basics of SEO and why it matters in…

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Episode 2 – CRO / Conversions

Conversions are the end goal in digital marketing. Talking with our head of growth…

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Episode 1 – Content Production

We start off our series talking to Josh, our lead copywriter & content producer.…

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