Data is key in digital marketing, but when you have a physical store front, the gold mine is in Store Visits Data. Cooper explains the importance of this and how it can help boost your business in the digital world.

Video Transcription

If you’re a bricks and mortar business and you’re looking to generate more sales a great way to do that is through store visits data. 

In an ideal setting, you need to be linked up with a number of bricks and mortar businesses so you’ll be part of a franchise group, part of a national store Network, anything like that.

What you do is you get together you join all of your data through Google my business, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Facebook business manager once you’ve got that you’ve got enough aggregate to apply to Facebook and Google to get access to store visits data.

What that means is when you go to run an ad on Adwords or on Facebook, you can get data on how many people have clicked on your ad and then actually come into your store which is really valuable. It’s essentially the holy grail of digital marketing for a physical store location. It’s a great way to know exactly where your advertising dollars are going and to make sure you’re getting the maximum return on investment.

We’ve tried it with a number of different businesses now and it’s generating really strong results and we definitely recommend you execute that if you’re part of a national bricks and mortar Network.