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Facebook Instant Articles vs. Google AMP

Over the past 5 years, mobile internet has changed the way we access content. It is now the leading mode of internet access and has overtaken desktop in a way that many wouldn’t have thought possible a decade ago. As the mobile web evolves, ways of presenting content do, too. […]

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How to set up Facebook Instant articles?

Okay, so you have decided to enter the world of Facebook Instant articles. But you’re not quite sure how to get started. If you are still not quite sure what Facebook Instant articles are, check out our Facebook instant articles guide. If you already have a good idea about what […]

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Should My Business Page Use Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook Instant articles have been around a few years now, but many people are still unaware of them. In case you feel out of the loop about them, we are here to help you catch up. If you have only just discovered instant articles, you can check out our recent […]