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Why social media marketing is more important than ever

In what feels like the blink of an eye, social media marketing has gone from being “just another marketing tool” to being one of our most crucial marketing tools when it comes to ranking results on search engines like Google. These days, it’s hard to achieve much without social. And… Read More »

Social Media

Social Media – How To Monetise It For Your Business

Social Media, and more broadly Digital marketing, is a big, evolving beast and it’s only going to get bigger. Because it’s so big, it can be difficult to determine what digital channels work best for your business. This is amplified even further when you’re talking digital marketing for a business… Read More »

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How to drive more revenue for your hotel

The accommodation industry as a whole is becoming more and more competitive by the day.   Tech entrants such as AirBnB are providing new ways to stay, while major hotel operators are undertaking mergers, acquisitions and new builds at a rapid rate. While this provides plenty of healthy competition for… Read More »