Are you a business owner wanting to lower your overheads and grow your brand? Developing your own app is the perfect way to increase your profit margins, and it’s actually easier than you think.

Increasing Your Profit Margins

Increasing your profit margins can be done in two ways; either raising the unit price of your product or service, or lowering your expenses. Raising your prices sounds like an easy fix, only, you’re struggling to compete with your competitors as it is and increasing prices will only give them an advantage… so cutting costs it is, but how?

How To Make Your Business More Efficient

By building your own customised business app, you can cut operating costs by 60%, just like one of our busy field service clients. Their tailored app was created to allow field managers the ability to quote a job electronically, seek the client’s approval and pre-payment, produce a service order, schedule the works, issue a receipt upon completion and populate their accounting software.

Cashing In On The Savings

Building their own app cut operating expenses by 60% and improved team efficiencies by 30%. Automating their process cut down on admin, improved cash flow and reduced overdue invoices and outstanding debt.  And it generated gains, too. The streamlined process gave them a marketing edge which led to an increase in sales and an improved customer retention rate.

Which app is best for your business?

There are two different types of apps your business can utilise; Native and Hybrid apps. Native apps are built specifically for each smart device and offer a full suite of features and functionality. Hybrid apps (also called web apps) are essentially web pages wrapped in a Native application skin. Which one best suits your business depends on your needs, but generally, Hybrid apps are ideal for service tools, where Native apps will deliver a better user experience.

How To Create Your Own App

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