SEO in 2020

SEO in 2020 – Getting Ready for Google’s Changes

Anyone who deals with SEO knows that changes can come in quick and heavy. Just as you finally nail your SEO techniques, Google goes and switches things up throwing you back to the start.  But Google is not doing this to annoy you. Just as eBay favors the buyer over […]

content marketing dos and donts

The Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing

For the beginner, content marketing might seem like something that is easy enough to do. But just like with everything else in life, there are things to do and things to avoid. The very face of content has changed over the last decade, meaning content is no longer just about […]

thin content image


Thin content is one of those things that nobody wants, but nearly everybody has on their website. Whether it’s on a products or services page, a short blog post, or your about us page, thin is definitely not in! So what exactly can you do with thin content on your […]