An important yet often overlooked component of any website is its typography. For businesses, fonts are one of the strongest ways to set a tone and engage your audience, and conversely, using the wrong one can take away from your design and drive people away.

Here’s everything you need to know about selecting a typeface for your brand.

Where to look

Well-made fonts can be expensive, but a good place to start is Google fonts, which is free and has a wide variety. These are ideal for websites as they can be viewed on any computer, rather than resorting to a default typeface which can ruin your design.

How to choose

The best approach is to go with how the font makes you feel. If it reminds you of a kindergarten poster and you’re a law firm, it’s clearly not for you and it’s best to look for something more formal. Each font has its own personality and you should try to match its personality to the purpose of your business. For instance, if you’re a tradesman, go for something bold.

It’s also best to leave decorative fonts for headings and titles, and use a simple font like Arial, Helvetica or Verdana for the body copy. Decorative fonts in large amounts can look messy and are hard to read.

Things to avoid

There are many typography faux pas. Avoid using more than two different fonts on a page as this can look messy. Also be thorough with your readability check as often fonts are harder to read in big chunks of text. To avoid boring-looking pages it’s also wise to have an idea of which content you want to stand out, and change the size and weight of words accordingly.

Happy font hunting!