Utilising tighter ad groups and matching ad copies closer to your ad groups is a great way to drive ROI improvement. It’s time-consuming, but it makes a big difference.

PPC Return On Investment

One of the questions we’ve been asked heaps lately is how to lower the cost of PPC ads particularly Google ads.

Is PPC effective?

Everyone knows PPC is not necessarily the cheapest form to market online but it’s very effective.

Google knows what they’re worth and that’s why it costs money to market with PPC. A tip we’ve got for anyone who’s trying to drive their costs down is to get more specific with how you structure the ads in your campaign. 

So instead of just having a couple of different ads that you’ve written that are set against a broad metric of targeting you need to cut that up more and you need to have groups of keywords, smaller groups. As few as five to ten keywords and then against those five to ten keywords you need to write a very very specific set of ads.

So the end result is you have many more ads that you’ve written in your campaign but they’re much more targeted and much more specific to small, individual ad groups the result is that yes you’ve got to spend more time doing it but you’ll drive a much stronger return on investment in that Channel.