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The Godfather of Chicago Real Estate: Randy Pavlock From Hunter Properties

If you want a deep dish pizza, there’s a thousand places you can go in the city of Chicago. if you’re craving a hot dog or an Italian beef sandwich – everybody’s got an opinion about who’s best. But when it comes to renting an apartment on the North Side… Read More »

One Brick At a Time: Paul Hollingsworth From Digital Wizards

We were all kids once. That means we each had a favorite toy. Depending on your age that might be the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier or a Howdy Doody puppet. Traditionally toys are something we’re told to out grow. But what kid, or adult for that matter, wouldn’t dream about… Read More »

Breaking Into the Tabletop Gaming Industry: Jon Cohn from Bread and Circuses Games

Originally published in 1974 Dungeons and Dragons would go on to change and influence the gaming industry forever. What was once considered a lost relic of the 1980s is now enjoying its greatest popularity ever. Why are games like Dungeons and Dragons more popular than ever? I recently had the… Read More »

Entering the World of Dark Art: Jeremy Schott from The Dark Art Emporium

Jeremy Schott is likely one of the youngest renaissance men you could ever meet. He’s produced major motion pictures alongside Charlie Sheen. He’s directed professional wrestling from Hollywood. He’s the bass player in several very popular Orange County bands. And he also happens to be proprietor of The Dark Art… Read More »

The MacGyver of the Kitchen: Amber Marie From Clean Cuisine

Amber Marie is a woman that’s so many things, she’ll never fit in any one box. She’s an activist, an artist, a feminist and friend to anyone in need of her very special set of skills. She’s the self-proclaimed MacGyver of the kitchen. And from her home base down in… Read More »