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Be Secure: Dr. Denitra Griffin And John Griffin Jr. Of AGB Innovative Security Solutions

The world can be a scary place. But it’s important to remember that there are still good guys (and gals) out there. People committed to protecting our person, property and data. AGB stands for “always giving back”. And when the security experts at AGB Innovative Security Solutions aren’t busy protecting… Read More »

The Menu Master: Firehouse Subs’ Creative Corporate Chef Jay Miller

Where do our favorite menu items come from? Brilliant chefs like Jay Miller from Firehouse Subs. Learn how delicious sandwiches are born. Where the geniuses behind them come from. And how Firehouse Subs is literally saving lives and supporting real life heroes like firefighters and first responders with the hearty,… Read More »

The Groomsman Suit: Redefining Men’s Formal Wear For Weddings With Jeanne Foley And Diana Ganz

Suiting up grooms and guys for weddings usually takes a backseat to dress shopping for the bridal party. But two entrepreneurs with complementary skill sets have created a company and new system of finding the perfect fit, without breaking the bank, that’s changing the way couples shop for formal wear.… Read More »

Stepping Stones Together: Dr. Erika Burton And Teaching Kids To Read In 60 Days

Books are magical. And reading is a gift. But learning how isn’t always easy for children. Early literacy expert Dr. Erika Burton’s revolutionary Stepping Stones Together beginning reading program is changing the way kids learn how to develop reading skills. And reuniting parents with their children through a love and… Read More »

King of The Replicants: Master Movie Prop Maker Jon Heilman

Who hasn’t dreamt of living inside the world of their favorite movie? Jon Heilman is a master movie prop replicator; a passionate cinephile overly devoted to the art of recreating super screen-accurate movie props. Ever wondered how to launch your own online store for handcrafted goods? Join Jon and I… Read More »

Gone Fishin’ With Brandon Austin: Co-Founder at GoFishCam

Who builds a leisure empire from their college dorm room? Brandon Austin did. And his Go Fish Cam has gone on to become the most popular underwater, wireless fishing camera and mobile app in the world today. True stories from a young man that’s done it all. Got an idea… Read More »

The Man Without Fear: Hollywood Stuntman Brett Solomano

Brett Solomano takes break from his work on the set of The Walking Dead to join us in The Corner Booth and discuss his work as one of film and television’s top stunt performers. It’s a rare glimpse into the death-defying world of Hollywood stunt work. And a revealing conversation… Read More »

The King of Flo: Alex Oberman From Flo Music

All right I’ll admit it. I’m old enough to remember dropping dimes into jukeboxes. The mixtape culture of the 80s burning C.D.s in the 1990s and the arrival of peer to peer music sharing platforms like Napster at the turn of the 21st century. Call it tribal. Call it communal.… Read More »

The Godfather of Chicago Real Estate: Randy Pavlock From Hunter Properties

If you want a deep dish pizza, there’s a thousand places you can go in the city of Chicago. if you’re craving a hot dog or an Italian beef sandwich – everybody’s got an opinion about who’s best. But when it comes to renting an apartment on the North Side… Read More »

One Brick At a Time: Paul Hollingsworth From Digital Wizards

We were all kids once. That means we each had a favorite toy. Depending on your age that might be the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier or a Howdy Doody puppet. Traditionally toys are something we’re told to out grow. But what kid, or adult for that matter, wouldn’t dream about… Read More »