Digital Marketing for the Health & Pharmaceutical Industry

Let's Talk

With bulk billing on its way out the door, the curious three way dance between private hospitals, medical specialists and general practitioners is more labyrinthine than ever before. Which makes decisions about where to spend digital advertising dollars for those in the health and pharma industry more tangled than ever.

Find Your USP

Historically a low growth category, the key to success in the modern marketplace for these types of businesses lies in finding unique selling points. And exploiting them.

Build Relationships

At TALK, we work tirelessly to develop these unique selling points. And using them to create valuable relationships with the consumer.

Target Customers

With little to no customer loyalty existing in this space, we target audiences with digital advertising that entertains and demonstrates ease-of-use, creating a clear path to purchase for consumers.

Get Results

Our work drives footfalls. Embeds positive neuro triggers that audiences respond to. And delivers high level business outcomes in an industry where wins are always fought hard for.