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How to start an online business

Entrepreneur Guide – How to Start an Online Business

Are you a budding entrepreneur wanting to start an online business? You are? Great! Thanks to accessible and affordable technology, and a hunger for fresh products and services, there has never been a better time than now. There are literally hundreds of thousands of websites and posts out there claiming… Read More »

create brand identity


Brand identity, or your brand story, is the essence of your business. It’s more than just filler content or a narrative. It’s vital because it’s what essentially brings your brand to life. Every element in your business — from the colours you choose, to the service you provide and the… Read More »

What is microtargeting (and how can it help your marketing efforts)?

Demographics and consumer data are hugely important to digital marketing. So you need to analyse both. Because you’ll learn more about the needs of your customers. And walk away with a better understanding of their thoughts and behaviours. But what’s the best way to focus on your audience in the… Read More »