Brand awareness style content marketing is the new SEO. On page SEO is still alive and kicking, but without strong content strategies, your growth will stagnate.

Video Transcription

Businesses used to make a ton of money with SEO strategies 

Blackhat SEO strategies and link building SEO strategies those days are dead. We now need to think about how to drive value for the consumer.

Is SEO Dead?

One of the questions we get asked heaps is SEO dead?

Our answer is no, it’s definitely not dead, but we need to be more strategic and more planned about how we go about SEO.

There are things that are a given when you’re talking about trying to get a website to rank in Google. 

  • Your site needs to load fast;
  • It needs to have quality images;
  • It needs to have pages target around specific keywords;
  • It needs to have a logical internal linking structure.

There’s a really long list of technical SEO components that a lot of websites still haven’t achieved or they just don’t have them in place but when you’re looking for longer term, bigger more meaningful growth trends with SEO, you need to think outside of that technical on-page SEO and you need to start thinking about adding value to the consumer.

I know that sounds really really basic but that’s where it’s gotten to know what are you giving to your consumer that your competitors aren’t, how are you making their lives easier, how are you answering questions with information that they can’t find anywhere else, the more you can do the more you’ll be recognized as an authority online and the higher your website will rank.

So when you’re going about planning for an SEO strategy or an SEO tactic or an SEO campaign think about content planning, content production and keyword research to identify what questions people are asking that are relevant to your industry, the volume of people looking for that content if there is no volume then there’s no point in doing it. The more you have a scaled meaningful presence online with content that is being promoted by third parties and that is being engaged with the better your SEO results are going to be.