Top 5 Ways to Market to Gen Z

Move over Millennials, there is a new demographic to capture, and they’re proving to have changed the marketing game yet again. So where are Gen Z hiding and how can you set up your marketing strategy to successfully talk to these digital savvy consumers? 

Gen Z (those aged between 18-25) are the first demographic to have grown up surrounded by technology and the internet, so much so that they are switched on to the age old marketing tricks, so no overt selling allowed! Throw the book out the window and follow along with these 5 super simple ways to market to Gen Z that you can pick up and start executing straight away. 


1. Authentic and Meaningful Content Creation

It’s content reimagined, and if you’re still hung up on overproducing and polishing everything you send out onto your channels, you’re not going to get very far. If you aren’t presenting your brand in an authentic and conscious way, you run the risk of being ignored or cancelled quicker than skinny jeans and a side part.

Gen Z gravitates towards real and relatable people and messages. This is where researching and aligning your core values with theirs will play in your favour, but only if it’s truly what your brand stands for. Cut the direct sales messages and remove fakeness, they can smell inauthenticity. 


2. Hang out on Socials

Social media is the lifeblood of a Gen Z’er, they have been native on socials from a young age and feel that it’s a part of their identity. Research suggests that most of them have had social media profiles since the age of 12*. Like the Millennials that have gone down this path before them, daily use of social media is high. New platforms that highlight creator-led content such as TikTok are exploding. 

The top Social Media platforms being used by this generation, according to a Statista report from 2020 include:

  1. TikTok
  2. Snapchat
  3. Depop
  4. Reddit
  5. Twitch

A savvy marketer knows that to reach the Gen Z consumer, these apps need to be on the top of the marketing rotation across paid and organic outreach. 

If you are paying to play on these channels, you best ensure that your content ticks the boxes outlined in point 1 and is hyper relevant. Content needs to be shareable, engaging and enjoyable – risk it seeming like an ad and you won’t get a look in. Mimicking the style of content creators in a clever and relatable way is key to getting through to these digital natives. 


3. Preferred content? Make it a video

Top apps like TikTok and Youtube are video-led channels, so it’s no surprise that to really engage with someone in the Gen Z demographic, you need to go down the path of video. Video is a great way to humanise your brand and be able to tell a narrative in a short space of time. And not to harp on again, but your videos need to be authentic, raw and entertaining to cut through and engage.. 


4. The power of  Micro Influencers

Micro Influencers, influencers that have between 5,000 – 10,000 followers, are a powerhouse resource you can use to get your product in the hands of the Gen Z audience. Their followers are more likely to be engaged and trust the micro influencers opinions, opposed to influencers with larger followings. 

Micro Influencers that give honest and real content reviewing products or brands are usually trusted over the brands themselves. Content can’t be all rainbows and sunshine either, honest reviews usually come with both pros and cons, so be prepared and trust that it’s part of the process.

If their content is entertaining, authentic and shareable, then you have hit the trifecta of engaging and building trust with the Gen Z audience.


5. Get to the point

The act of mindlessly scrolling through feeds and having everything at their fingertips at a swipe or a click of a button means that grabbing the attention of a Gen Z’er is sometimes difficult. Our advice? Get your message in quickly and produce snappy short-form video. You’ve only got a few seconds before their attention is gone.


There you have it, 5 ways to capture the Gen Z market. It’s time to dust off the iphone camera, open your socials and get to work. 


*ofcom data 2019