Savvy marketers know that while direct response campaigns are great at driving sales conversions, strategies must be adopted to engage, entertain and sustain your audience.

Content marketing is one of the most prominent buzz phrases in the field as of late, with proven benefits including increased website traffic, brand awareness and consumer trust.

But with all the hype surrounding the approach, where should you start in terms of building a content marketing strategy? We’ve narrowed it down for you.

Tell me something I don’t know: In order to succeed, content must bring insight to users. Information that is irrelevant, redundant or can be accessed elsewhere will not inspire engagement from consumers. Try to educate and inform your audience on a deeper level by tapping into their interests, passions and concerns. These can be determined through applications like Google Analytics.

Don’t bore me to sleep: People admire content that makes them cringe, laugh or cry. Incorporating these responses into your content will maximise discussion and share-ability. Nothing’s better at putting your brand on the map than a viral video!

Keep me in the loop: Keeping your finger on the pulse is potentially the most important tactic in content marketing. Timeliness is vital, so posting a video that’s already done the rounds can make you appear uninformed. Make sure to modify your content from channel to channel as well. For example, light-hearted entertainment works well on Facebook, whereas informative, long-form copy works well on website blogs.

Consistency is key: People like patterns, which is why it’s important to have a coherent approach in terms of tone, voice and topics covered. While it’s good to shake things up every so often, disbursing too many messages will muddle your target and confuse your audience. As well as sticking to a repeatable content strategy, stay consistent with your posting frequency to keep your audience engaged without being annoying.

Don’t lie to me: Gone are the days of playing it safe, my friend. Tell your audience what’s really on your mind and show some personality- they’re sure to respect you for it. KFC Australia’s Facebook page has perfectly incorporated this approach, whether it’s cleverly hitting back at users, voicing their opinion on topical events or making the odd snide remark about their competitors. A bit of wit can do wonders for your reputation.