How to Get the Most out of Every Piece of Content

Content is king is the most cliche saying in the marketing landscape, it’s been around for a decade+ now, but can’t lie to you, it’s true. The reality is consumers are consuming more and more and more and more content faster and faster every year. As a marketer, that is an opportunity for you to increase your market share and take market share from your competitors using content – and at the same time, it’s your opportunity to lower your costs of marketing or lower your cost of advertising.

The more you can rely on content, the less you have to rely on advertising. The key is to produce content that is A) relevant and B) efficient. How you do that is making sure the content you produce is what your customers or your potential customers actually want. If I’m trying to market a phone, very few people are going to care about the fact that it makes phone calls, that’s given, a lot of people are going to care about 5G connectivity – that’s one of the latest talking points in the mobile phone world.

This is something that you need to keep in mind. What do users really want and how that relates back to your product? And you can do a bit of R&D on that around keyword planner and a few other tools that tells you what users want. The second thing is making sure you use your content again and again and again in new ways. Everyone talks about this as content repurposing, or content remaking. That’s the best way to look at it. If you shoot one video, you shouldn’t just shoot one video and post it to Facebook once. If you shoot one video, you should post it to multiple different locations in multiple different versions or edit so it looks different. You should then repurpose it into a blog, transcribe it into a blog, use it to produce some text based videos, use it to form up into a bigger feature video or something like that, put it into an email or marketing automation campaign. As a general rule at Talk, at any time we’re working on content for clients, we know that we want to get six different pieces of content out of one original piece of content that we’re producing and each of those should be slightly different from the previous one.

That’s how you invest once and get six times the ROI – and if you do a bit of research to make sure you’re matching your content to the market, you’ll get a better ROI again.