When it comes to business success, brand strategy is everything, including your free logo design. Regardless of how big your business is or what you are selling, branding it creates recognition and trust.

The bigger your brand becomes, the better the business opportunities are. Look at it this way. Do you want to create a brand you work for? Or do you want to create a brand that works for you?

The most important element of branding is the logo. We only have to say ‘golden arches’ for people to know exactly which fast-food chain we are talking about. People remember visuals much better than they do text!

For smaller businesses and startups, money can be tight. And a logo that is professionally designed can cost between $150 AUD to $3,500 AUD. With the lower end of the price range producing a very basic design.

Now. We are not going to lie to you. Designing your own brand logo is not as easy as throwing together some stock images and text.

While you are not going to need a degree in graphic design. You are going to need an understanding of placement, colour and style.

Before you even think about throwing together a logo. There are a few things that you should think about first. These will help you decide which direction to head in.

  • What does your business or brand sell?
  • What font do you use throughout your website?
  • What colour scheme do you use on your web pages?
  • How do you want people to view your brand or business?
  • Who are your audience?

There are a lot of free logo makers online that you can use. These are a great starting point for novices.

But while many advertise themselves as being free logo makers, most expect you to pay for the end result.

The free part is the building of your logo. But if you need it in different sizes or without a watermark, you may be asked to pay for it.

There is nothing more annoying than spending time putting something together ‘for free’ only to have to abandon it at the last step. To help you avoid this, we are going to show you how to create a logo for your business COMPLETELY FREE.

The Best Size for a Business Logo

The actual size of your logo will depend on the platform that you are using it on. To save you time, we have put together a dimensions list for the most popular sites. All of the sizes listed below are in pixels.

Logo sizes for social media

Facebook. 170 x 170 for a profile image and 820 x 312 for the cover image.

Twitter. 400 x 400 for the profile image and 1500 x 500 for the cover image.

Instagram. 110 x 110 for the profile image.

YouTube. 800 x 800 for the profile image and 2560 x 1440 for the cover image.

Google +. 250 x 250 for the profile image and 2120 x 1192 for the cover image.

Best logo sizes for your website

For websites with a horizontal layout, the best size is 250 x 150. Other popular sizes are 400 x 100 and 350 x 75.

If you want to create a square logo, the optimal size is 160 x 160.

The best file type to export your logo as is a PNG. Using a PNG with a clear background creates an extremely versatile logo that can be used on just about any colour background.

No Photoshop? No Problem

While Photoshop is always going to be the king of image editing, there is a completely free online alternative that you can use.

Pixlr editor comes with many of the same features as Photoshop. There is no need to download any software as everything is done online.

Once you have finished creating your logo. Simply click on the save button, select PNG file and download. No watermarks. No time limits. No hassle.

Finding Logo Images for Free

Now you know which software to use to create your logo for free. The next step is to find graphics to use.

Again. There are many sites offering ‘free’ images and icons. And again. These are normally only free if you subscribe to a paid plan.

One way to find illustrations, icons and images for free is on Pixabay. The images on Pixabay are CC0 stock images. This means that no attribution is required, and you are free to edit or modify them any way you deem fit.

Simply navigate to the search bar on the website. Type in what it is that you are looking for. Click on the drop-down menu and select vector graphics. Then select the orientation, category, size, and colour you prefer and hit search.

When you find vector graphics that you like. Click on the thumbnail to open the image. Right click on it. Click on ‘save as’ and download it to a folder on your computer.

Finding a vector graphic that has a simple design and a maximum of three colours should be your aim. The most memorable logos are low fuss – high impact.

Finding the Perfect Font

When it comes to logo design. The font that you use is just as important as the graphics. As with everything else in this guide, you can download your favourite fonts for free.

The safest place to download free fonts is on Google fonts. Here you have a huge selection of typefaces to choose from. Each with a preview of how it looks an upper and lower case.

Once you have found a suitable font for your logo, click on the download and install button. This will install a font directly into your font folder on your computer and will be ready to use as soon as it’s installed.

When choosing the best font for your logo. You want something that is clean and crisp and easy to read. Fancy scroll fonts are all good and well from a visual point of view. But if people don’t understand what it actually says, how are they going to remember your business or brand name?

Build Your Business Logo for Free

Now you have all of the basic elements for building your business logo or brand logo for free. This is where the fun begins. Actually putting it all together.

This tutorial is a great example of how to use Pixlr to create your logo for free.

  1. Open Pixlr and select ‘create new image.’
  2. Start with a size of 1200 x 1200 pixels.
  3. Click on file, open, select the vector graphic and open.
  4. On the vector graphic image press CTRL + A, CTRL + C and then open be a blank image window you first created. Now press CTRL + V to paste it.
  5. You will notice that the background has small blue chequered squares. Don’t worry. When do you save your transparent PNG file; this does not show.
  6. Position that your vector graphic in the centre of the editing window. Then click on the text tool and select your font.
  7. Tap anywhere on the screen and type your business or brand name. Adjust the font size and colour as required.
  8. Add your slogan using a much smaller font size.
  9. Once you are happy with how it looks, navigate to ‘layer’ at the top of the screen and scroll down to ‘flatten image’. Flatten your image and then navigate to the ‘image’ button next to ‘file’ and ‘edit’.
  10. Click on ‘image size’ and enter the perfect logo size for the site that you will be using it on. It is a good idea to produce your logo in a variety of sizes, so you can use it across all platforms.
  11. Lastly, navigate to ‘file’ and then scroll down to ‘save.’ Click on ‘save’ and then enter the name for your logo file, select the format ‘PNG’ (transparent, full quality) and click on ‘OK.’
  12. This will download the transparent PNG file to your computer ready to be used on social media and your website.

Final Thoughts

It is probably going to take you around 30 minutes to become familiar with the tools on Pixlr. But once you become familiar with them, you will be able to create a professional looking and completely personalised logo for free and in minutes.

Sure. You could always use one of the free logo makers online if you are short on time. But if you want a truly unique logo that reflects your business or brand and your customers, manual creation is always going to be superior.

Using a free online logo maker is something many newbies turn to. While you may be able to create a logo that you like. There are most likely thousands of almost identical logos to yours out there. Not ideal for creating a memorable and unique brand.