It’s almost here people, whether you like it or not, the metaverse is virtually knocking on our work from home doorstep and hybrid offices… and you can bet it wants something from your business or brand. 

It’s crazy to think about, but not that long ago the true power of the internet was not being utilised to its full potential.  As a matter of fact, there are still a slew of businesses out there that have not even begun to fully embrace the digital world in which we live in. They are still relying on word of mouth, spots on regional TV and the yellow pages (printed of course). 

We’re not turning up our noses as this type of traditional marketing, it can still be effective, though not as effective as when paired with a killer digital marketing strategy. Many businesses have kept up with the times, have dominated Google and figured out a way to slip Tik Tok  into their daily marketing schedules without resorting to dancing on the street. 

With the rise of the metaverse and other digital exchanges such as NFT’s and blockchain, what does this virtual world look like for businesses and brands? It’s the next step in our digital evolution and without knowing how your brand or business can capitalise on it, or what it actually IS, you could be missing out on some great opportunities. 


What actually IS the metaverse?

Imagine you can hear, touch and see everything that is happening in your digital world all at once. Enter the metaverse. The metaverse is an internet-based experience that mimics our reality – it’s more immersive than video games or virtual realities because there are multiple senses involved rather than just one or two. 

This provides a space to interact, buy and test products and communicate with each other that is outside our physical reality. 

Is the metaverse right for your business?

The first place to start is to actually consider if your brand is the right fit. It can be tempting to jump onto a trend because you’re seeing others being successful. But if your main demographic is selling retirement homes – it may be worthwhile not investing your marketing dollars in the metaverse. 

How can brands use the metaverse?

Like in real life, there are a number of ways that brands can get involved in the metaverse. Essentially, where people are congregating, brands can participate. It’s nothing new – it’s marketing 101 with the dial turned up to 200%.

  • Think about sponsoring events. Brand awareness works in a virtual world as well. As the metaverse grows, so too will things like gaming events, music festivals and more.
  • Virtual stores or platforms are great for e-commerce brands. They can enhance the customer service and whole shopping experience. 
  • Build virtual offices for your employees to congregate together and use them as an immersive way to impress your clients and customers. 


Stuck or completely thrown off? 

We don’t blame you! It seems that there are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to taking things out of the physical world and transforming them to a digital one. Here is a good time to again, take it back to marketing tactics. What are your competitors doing within the metaverse? What can you be doing better?

Once you wrap your head around what the metaverse is and have an understanding of how it could benefit your business,  the next step is to find what aligns with your brand or business and what opportunities there are for you to participate. 

As mentioned earlier, this could include sponsoring like-minded events, creating virtual offices for your staff or clients and much more. 

Our advice? Start looking into the metaverse right now as its quickly growing in popularity. There are a heap of ways that you could get involved, so add it to your next strategy session and make a game plan on how you would like to get involved. 

The Metaverse’s have the potential to change everything from entertainment, gaming, and retail to the way we socialise. 

Don’t get left behind.