Digital Marketing in the Hotel Industry

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For more than a generation now, the hotel industry has been reliant on big booking agents and hotel aggregator sites like Trivago and Expedia. Sites like that can charge hotels up to a 20% commission for their listing.

Stand Out

New competition from online marketplace and hospitality services like Airbnb into the mix, and it can get frustrating for hotel marketing managers.


The problem with being beholden to aggregator sites is that the relationship is terribly one-sided. On top of skimming a big chunk of the hotel’s profit right off the top, these sites do virtually nothing to advertise or promote the hotel at all.

Save Money

It’s an unfair arrangement. And at TALK, we’re all about fair. So we’ve developed an alternative for the industry that, depending on net profit, could save hotels tens, if not hundreds of thousands dollars a year.

We call it Granular Digital Marketing Campaign Optimisation

And it isn’t about beating anyone else at their own game. It’s about rewriting the rules all together.


At TALK, we’re able to give our individual hotel clients the kind of attention that aggregator sites and other agencies can’t.


Our process involves a thorough examination of each hotel’s unique assets, offerings, location, goals and other factors. With that data in hand, TALK digital marketing analysts build strategies around site specific offers to create campaigns that increase revenue in atypical ways.


By launching targeted campaigns that focus on out-of-the-box offers, and wringing every bit of value from every advertising dollar spent, our clients experience gradual upticks in revenue and exposure.