Revenue growth is great, but if top line growth is moving slowly at the moment, focus in on bottom line profit. There are a million digital tools, systems and processes you can use to tighten up efficiency and move the labour your team inputs into more meaningful, strategic work.

Video Transcription

When times are tough or business is not ideal it’s really important to look at and closely manage your cost base. Every business is doing it, every business has done it at some point and it’s absolutely critical.

Driving Your Operational Efficiency

One of the things we’re really focused on is helping clients to identify break points or pressure points in how they run their business operationally and to develop ways of working essentially using digital tools and digital systems that will increase their operational efficiency.

So we talked a lot about top-line revenue growth, you want to grow your top-line, you want to grow market share, you want to bring more revenue in the door and that’s really important but what about profit if you’re not improving your profit margins and focusing on the bottom line you’re only doing half the job.

Look at things like paper processes. Does your business have a process that is run with paper and heavy administration costs? Does your business have processes that use many many different systems and tools? Does your business have a process that is slow to use or cumbersome to use?

All of those things can be addressed through a well-defined scope and project to essentially drive operational efficiency in your organization. We’ve seen situations where businesses can take a three hundred thousand dollar a year cost and morph it into a $50,000 a year cost or less even using a simple web app that they can build or an application or a website or a workflow or a CRM system there are a million and one different tools and there are a million and one different ways that you can drive operational efficiency and therefore profit for your business which is super critical in times like these