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Top Social Influencers of 2018

Over the last few years, businesses, brands and companies have been using social media digital influencers to their advantage. These range from beauty bloggers, gaming addicts, fitness gurus, fashionistas and more. Influencers who built fame doing pure play online influential content. And that’s not to take away from the likes… Read More »

Using content pillars as a foundation for your marketing campaigns

What’s guiding your marketing strategy? If you can’t immediately, confidently answer that question, then the answer’s probably not one you’d be happy to hear anyway. Because when we don’t know, understand or have control over what’s guiding our marketing strategy, its directionless. And marketing campaigns without direction are marketing campaigns… Read More »

Top 5 digital marketing strategies in 2018

The ins, outs, trends, and algorithms that shape digital marketing are always changing. What’s working now may not be effective 12 months from now. Or it could be twice as useful. That’s why you must be timely with the marketing methods you use. You can’t go back in time and… Read More »