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Global voice search stats


By the end of 2019, the US alone will have more than 67 million voice assisted devices in use. And of the 2 trillion global Google searches performed each year, half of those are expected to come from voice search by 2020. Voice search is changing the very way that […]

Millennial slang 6

How to Reach Millennials with your Marketing Campaigns

There are few generations as widely discussed as millennials. Baby boomers don’t understand them and gen-X most definitely doesn’t like being confused for them. But here’s the thing… Millennials play a hugely important role when it comes to the future success of brands and businesses. In the United States alone, […]

content marketing dos and donts

The Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing

For the beginner, content marketing might seem like something that is easy enough to do. But just like with everything else in life, there are things to do and things to avoid. The very face of content has changed over the last decade, meaning content is no longer just about […]