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What is microtargeting (and how can it help your marketing efforts)?

Demographics and consumer data are hugely important to digital marketing. So you need to analyse both. Because you’ll learn more about the needs of your customers. And walk away with a better understanding of their thoughts and behaviours. But what’s the best way to focus on your audience in the […]

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Why Google My Business reviews are so important

Want business? Be easy to find online. Visibility remains important as ever. But these days, just being found isn’t enough. It’s what people find once you’ve been discovered that counts. That’s why customer feedback, reviews and star-ratings are so valuable today. Glowing reviews get people’s attention. And when a consumer […]

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The benefits of display advertising

If you want to attract customers, you need to advertise. But with so many advertising channels to choose from, how do you know which channel is going to be the most effective? With the human attention span now lingering nearby eight seconds, you need ads that: Make a dynamic visual […]