Imagine that you have the help from someone who has an influence on others to persuade them to follow your site. It sounds great and works very well, but to actively achieve that is a fairly complex task. You need to put a lot of effort into blogger outreach but it really is well worth it – the effects on your ranking can be quite spectacular.

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is the process of attracting powerful influencers to promote your website in order to get higher-ranking positions in search engines results. For online businesses, this brings a much larger knock on business effects in attracting leads, converting leads to customers and increasing income. Blogger outreach can also be understood as the creation of online friendships. As they promote you, it’s best practice that you promote them as well.

Step-by-step guide for blogger outreach

The Blogger outreach process usually has five steps. First, you need to determine your outreach goals. You then need to make a list of potential influential bloggers and then attract their attention. The next step is to contact them and persuade them to work with you. After that, you need to develop your relationship over a longer period of time.

1. Define your goals

Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve with blogger outreach? Do you want to promote your brand by guest posting or you want more social sharing of your posts? Maybe you want to get more links or you want more traffic or to increase the number of subscribers, leads or followers on social networks? Determine your main goal. If you establish strong relationships with bloggers, you’ll find you can often accomplish multiple of these objectives with a single post.

2. Make a list of influential bloggers

Now you have defined goals for your outreach it’s much easier to find bloggers in that specific niche or vertical. If you want more social shares, your choice should be influencers with a large number of followers on social networks. If you want guest posts, seek for influencers who want contributors, but also have large traffic and engagement flow to their website. If you want quality backlinks, pick influencers that are experts in your area, that have a high level of authority with their domain and know a lot about your niche. Yet, if you just want to build relationships with others, you can choose those who are still developing and together work on your mutual online growth.

Make an Excel sheet where you will enter collected data. Once that’s setup, it’s time to get researching!

You can use keywords, such as top ‘name of your industry’ bloggers/experts/influencers. You can put a query in quotes for more precise results or use a specific query, such as ‘inurl:write-for-us’ to find all bloggers that want guest blogs.

You can also use different online tools, such as Alltop that will give you a curated list of blogs in different industries. Moz FollowerWonk also works well, giving you a list of influencers instead of their blogs, which is even better. For searching influencers on social networks, you can use Mention. Use your keywords to find what you want, but make it broader, not too focused on your niche. Pick those interesting to you and enter their data in your Excel sheet.

3. Draw attention of influencers

The best way to attract the attention of your chosen influencers is to share their content. Mention them as well. They will appreciate this move. If there are some questions on their posts, answer them or make a comment. This will attract their attention even more. You can also subscribe to their emails.

4. Persuade influencers to cooperate

The final step is to send them an email. But, before that, get to know them better. Then send them an introduction letter. You can use social networks for that purpose too. Emphasize your goal and what you want from them. Don’t forget to praise their work and tell them that you’d love the opportunity to get involved with what they’re doing online. You can focus on something in which you can help them as well. After that, they can return you a favor. Be careful, yet direct. Bloggers typically receive thousands of requests every month, so you must stand out from the pack with your initial approach.

5. Develop your relationship

Once you strike up a relationship with a blogger try to work towards making that relationship stronger at all times. Ensure it’s a mutually beneficial relationship and not all one-sided. After all, if you succeed to be chosen among so many other people, you need to keep that connection. Your goal is to work together as long as possible.

The effects of blogger outreach

If you succeed in blogger outreach and start to see strong links going live with reputable websites, your rankings will certainly start to increase significantly. Yes, you need to continue publishing quality content and working on your on-page SEO techniques, but your rank position will be higher for longer with a well-executed link building strategy.

With the help of influencers, bloggers or social celebrities you’ll see regularly increasing improvements in your overall online promoter scores. The spiderweb effect starts to really take shape, where online profiles mention you in their speeches and posts and thus attract additional inbound links from others in your niche.

It really pays off to enlist the help of influencers and bloggers to grow your online profile. So, do not give up on blogger outreach, even though link building has changed since the early days of black hat link building. Even if you have not succeeded in your first couple of attempts, this does not mean that you will not succeed in the next round. Be consistent. Blogger outreach is a powerful marketing and SEO tool that you should not write out of your strategy just because it takes some time and effort.