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WordPress Shared vs Managed Hosting


So, you are ready to launch your website on the internet. But before you go live, there is one important thing to consider… Should you use managed WordPress hosting or shared WordPress hosting? This has been a burning question many WordPress users have had for years now. Each comes with […]

10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins in 2019

WordPress plugins are amazing tools that can significantly improve the functionality of your WordPress website. Here is our list of the 10 plugins that every WordPress user should be taking advantage of! There are thousands of plugins to choose from, depending on your industry and needs. Different plugins come at […]

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What is SSL & Why Your Site Needs it!

You wouldn’t want hackers gaining access to personal information or business data, which is exactly why you should buy a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate today. Leaving everything to chance is never a good idea. Businesses often overlook security concerns, but you shouldn’t. Keep reading to find out exactly what […]