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How to Write 5000 Words a Day, Every Day

The average person writes roughy 700 – 800 words an hour, which means it will take between six to seven hours to write 5000 words. Now, this sounds pretty good right? Well, once you add in research,editing and formatting you can add another couple of hours on top. However, there… Read More »

Content is king when it comes to driving growth

Driving Direct Bookings Growth For Hotels [2018 Updated Edition]

Our first post on this topic was close to 12-months ago now and was one of our most popular. Since then we’ve stuck to our core strategies as originally outlined, but there are a few areas where performance has dropped, as well as a few where performance has really picked… Read More »

What the GDPR Means to Australian Businesses

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. And as of May 2018, it’s the European Union’s (EU) new regulation governing privacy protection and consumer personal data. The GDPR was created to protect consumer privacy. But putting the highest levels of protection around personal data might mean increased obligations for many… Read More »