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The A-Z guide to starting a podcast

There are many reasons why podcasts are a fantastic avenue to explore. It enables you to be able to quickly deliver content on a regular basis while also making it easier for your audience to absorb. Podcasting allows you to expand your brand or identity beyond traditional text and image… Read More »

Having page visibility problems on Facebook? Read this!

So, you have spent hours putting together the perfect Facebook page for your business or brand. You uploaded your header. You have filled all of your important business information. You have probably also optimised it perfectly so that your audience can find you. You go ahead and hit that publish… Read More »

What is the Best Audio to Text Transcription Software in 2018?

If you are looking for a way to turn your audio and video content into written text, then you have two options available to you. The first is manual transcription, which involves someone typing out the words they hear from your audio. The second is automated transcription, where software does… Read More »