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Content is king when it comes to driving growth

How to jump on the content marketing bandwagon

Savvy marketers know that while direct response campaigns are great at driving sales conversions, strategies must be adopted to engage, entertain and sustain your audience. Content marketing is one of the most prominent buzz phrases in the field as of late, with proven benefits including increased website traffic, brand awareness […]

digital and traditional media

The relationship between digital and traditional media

The symbiotic relationship between above the line and digital media is evident in the contemporary advertising landscape. From an agency perspective, both forms work in tandem to produce real results for clients. Digital media is all about the click. The immediacy of tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Google provide […]

colour scheme for brand

How to pick the best colour scheme for your brand

Colour schemes are one of the strongest and most cost-effective ways to create recognition and excitement around your brand. For instance, the mixture of red and white automatically conjures up the image of a coke bottle. Striking the right combo, however, is not as easy as it may seem. For […]