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Why the world needs to know your story

A brand story is the essence of your business. It’s more than just filler content or a narrative. It’s vital because it brings your brand to life. Every element in your business – from the colour to the service and the staff you hire – is all part of your […]

position brand to success

Position your brand to succeed

Developing a strong brand identity and position can take some time and skill. You need to create a unique impression that will satisfy your audience and differ you from other competitors. Here we provide some important tips to consider. Defining your brand A brand position needs to be specific and […]

five techniques to use in design

Five techniques you should be aware of in design

Designing can be quite easy and difficult at the same time. Have you ever designed a flyer and wondered why it didn’t quite look the same as you pictured? You spent many hours trying to figure out what was missing or if all the elements together made it look ‘busy.’ […]