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Top 10 Podcast Show Publishers

Podcasts are one of the most popular ways for businesses and brands to get their content out in front of a large audience. Typically, please consist of video and digital audio files that are made available for download. Many of the biggest podcasts publishers also offer subscription services, which synchronizes […]

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Top Social Influencers of 2018

Over the last few years, businesses, brands and companies have been using social media digital influencers to their advantage. These range from beauty bloggers, gaming addicts, fitness gurus, fashionistas and more. Influencers who built fame doing pure play online influential content. And that’s not to take away from the likes […]

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The Differences Between A.I, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

As little as a few decades ago, people were predicting that computers would develop a mind of their own. For some, fears of dalek-like robots wiping out humanity was enough to send them into a hysterical frenzy. It would appear that those predicting the evolution of computers were right. Of […]