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Top 5 free keyword research tools

When it comes to search engine rankings, it’s hard to argue that keywords aren’t one of, if not the, most important aspects of any SEO strategy. After all, SEO keywords are the words and phrases that make it possible for potential customers to find your site when using search engines… Read More »

Top 5 digital marketing strategies in 2018

We’re already well into 2018. But if you haven’t summed up your marketing efforts for the year that was 2017, and put together a revised strategy for this coming calendar year – don’t worry. There’s still time to right the ship. The ins, outs, trends, and algorithms that shape digital… Read More »

using a tablet to draw on the computer

The benefits of display advertising

If you want to attract customers, you need to advertise. But with so many advertising channels to choose from, how do you know which channel is going to be the most effective? With the human attention span now lingering nearby eight seconds, you need ads that: Make a dynamic visual… Read More »