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What is microtargeting (and how can it help your marketing efforts)?

Demographics and consumer data are hugely important to digital marketing. So you need to analyse both. Because you’ll learn more about the needs of your customers. And walk away with a better understanding of their thoughts and behaviours. But what’s the best way to focus on your audience in the… Read More »

How to set up Google Search Console for your website

Seriously. How cool is Google? If your brand or business has a website, then you need a way to measure marketing results. And nobody has more free, effective webmaster tools ready to help you monitor and maintain your online presence than Google. Tools like Google Search Console; a free service… Read More »

What is Google Tag Manager (And Why you should start using it)?

Even if you’re a newcomer to SEO, you’ve probably heard of Google Tag Manager (GTM). Because it’s one of the most helpful free SEO tools in the world. Not to be confused with Google Analytics, a powerful but separate service that helps track and report web traffic for SEO, GTM… Read More »