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Don’t know how often and when to post on social media? If  you spend a lot of time wondering how your content can better reach your audience, then you’ve come to the right place!

Social media is a battlefield, and everyday millions of brands struggle to make it to users’ feeds just for a chance to be viewed for a few seconds.

You have the content and you know people will be interested in it. But how do you know when the time is right? Worry not, we’ve got you covered!


A harsh reality

It’d be great if we could just provide you with a nice little table that shows exactly how often and when to post on social media platforms.

Unfortunately for you (and for us), there’s no magic formula. What works for one brand may not work for another. What you need to understand here is that although timing is important, consistency and quality are key.

If you’re delivering great and relevant content that your readers will want to read and engage with, you’ll see results no matter what.

That being said, you also need to be consistent about it. If you’re posting twice a week on Thursday and Saturday, then it’s likely that your audience and fans will know when you’ve got something new for them.

This is extremely important because you want users to be coming to you. Recent changes to social media algorithms have made it extremely hard for brands to push content to someone’s news feed.

You could increase engagement by consistently posting on specific days and ideal hours. It all depends on the platform, the content, and your audience’s schedule.

How Often & When to Post on Facebook

How often do you log in to Facebook just before work? Often is our guess. People love scrolling through their news feed just before a hard day’s work.

This is why you should aim to post sometime between 9 and 10am your local time. Know who your target audience is and adjust posting times accordingly. This may sound simple, but it’s extremely easy to mess things up.

For example, Australia has 5 standard time zones, meaning that Western Australia is always 2-3 hours ahead of Eastern Australia.

Posting once a day (or less) seems to be the general consensus. The type of content that also matters. Compared to ordinary links, videos and other forms of social content lead to higher engagement rates.

Facebook sees another increase in click-through rates at around 12pm when people take their lunch break.

This is where it gets tricky. Traditionally, the best days to push content on Facebook have always been the same: Thursday and Friday. However, recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms have shaken things up a bit.

Studies have shown that engagement during the weekend is low, with the exception of Friday. Your safest times to post are actually weekdays from 9am to 3pm (yes, even Monday!). Sunday has by far the lowest engagement rate.


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How Often & When to Post on Instagram

Again, once a day seems to be more than enough. Success on Instagram is less about quantity and more about quality and consistency.

If you’re posting several times a day and then your schedule abruptly shifts, you’ll start losing followers, generating less engagement per post as a result.

Instagram stories are another, relatively cheap way to boost engagement; perfect if you’re low on content but want to be certain that your followers know you’re still there.

With more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram is definitely on the rise in the social space. Just like Facebook, engagement rates on Instagram are high during weekdays, with some minor differences.

The best times to post are Tuesday through Friday, from 10am to 3pm. Wednesday receives the highest amount of engagement while Sunday the lowest.

Unlike other major social networks, engagement on Instagram is surprisingly high in the evening during the middle of the week. Instagram is more popular with the younger generations, which could explain why there’s elevated activity in the platform later during the day.

How Often & When to Post on Twitter

Did you know that the average lifetime of a tweet is a mere 18 minutes? To do well on Twitter and ensure the highest reach of your content, you’ll have to post at least 10 tweets a day.

Of course, you shouldn’t just ramble or talk about random things (although that seems to be a popular approach nowadays among certain high-level officials). If you have nothing to say, remember that you can always link to relevant and useful content from industry giants and influencers.

More than 500 million tweets are sent on Twitter every day, and with thousands of debates and conversations taking place at the same time, Twitter offers a goldmine of social opinions that can inform your brand strategy.

To ensure maximum engagement, you should remain active on Twitter every day. Saturday gets the least engagement and activity on the platform reaches its peak during Wednesdays and Fridays, from 12 to 6pm.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • When you decide to post is not as important as what you post and how consistent you are with your posting schedule.
  • The figures that we’ve provided are only guidelines, and you should always think about your audience before coming up with a schedule
  • Get your timezone right, especially if you’re targeting audiences located in more than one timezone.
  • The type of content is crucial and can largely determine your success on social media websites. For example, Facebook likes video more than it does other types of content.
  • If you’re on multiple platforms, then you need to make a habit of optimising your content for different social media websites.

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Video is the most engaging type of content across multiple social media websites and platforms. If you want to advertise on Facebook through video, then you should definitely check out our Facebook Video Ads guide!