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About Talk Agency

TALK is a digital agency headquartered on the Central Coast, right in the middle of Sydney and Newcastle, Australia.

On-top of our management, creative, social and strategy team on the Central Coast, we’ve got a dedicated and dispersed international development team available around the clock.

We’re proud to be able to say we can legitimately transform businesses with the work we do, we’re equal parts passion, skill and purpose. You’ll never find a partner that pursues perfection as much as the TALK team.

Talk Agency

Our business runs in two streams - building and marketing. Our build team pride themselves on looking at a current business or industry, turning it on its head with a digital process or solution, and proving their success through relentless measurement.

Our digital marketing team works with clients that are looking for continuous growth - upwards trends on their revenue and profit statements that can only be attributed to dedicated, perfectly executed digital marketing.

Digital Agency Central Coast Australia

Crack open the TALK egg and you’ll find SEO analysts, developers, database specialists, writers, producers, account execs, art directors and performance media analysts that are here to help change, morph, grow and transform your business, day after day.

If you need the best in the business, feel free to drop us a line.

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