In an ever-evolving and increasingly popular online world, reaching your target audience and driving them through your sales funnel can be challenging. While more businesses than ever were turning to the internet to boost leads, conversions and brand recognition, COVID-19 appeared and pushed a tsunami of unprepared businesses online before they were ready to transition.

This has resulted in a huge increase in the number of competitors online. But it has also increased opportunities to become a leader in your industry or niche, boosting brand authority and recognition. Of course, with more consumers online too, the potential to increase profits is there for the picking too – you just need to know how to reach them first. 

PPC is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get yourself in front of your target audience, and to highlight this, we’ll run through the benefits before looking at how we transformed the online presence of Bambi.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ which is a type of marketing used on the internet for almost instant reach. Basically, PPC allows you to place an ad in the search engines. This is usually shown at the very top of the first page of Google and Co’ and is triggered by the keywords the viewer uses. If they click on this ‘ad’ then you’ll pay a fee. If they don’t, you won’t. How much does it cost for each click? This depends on your target keywords, niche and search competitiveness.

PPC is part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and the simplest way to look at it is that you’re effectively buying visits to your website instead of earning them via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). That doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to use PPC. New websites, those who haven’t employed or streamlined their SEO and those who have time-sensitive offers and promos can really use it to their advantage. PPC is also known as ‘Pay to Play’ but it’s not all one way as the ROI can be pretty impressive too.


So we’ve explained what SEM and PPC are, and we’ve briefly mentioned SEO. SEM and SEO are the partners of the digital marketing world. They are both amazing on their own – but bring them together and something truly special can happen. Just to simplify things and refresh your memory:

SEM Search Engine Marketing. Almost instant visibility results in the search engines, perfect for putting yourself in front of your target audience and showing above your competitors. Great for time-sensitive offers and deals, new websites, and those who don’t have effective SEO.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation. Creating and optimising content, web copy and keywords, etc with the aim of improving organic reach to a wider audience. Unlike SEM, SEO is designed to work in the long-term and doesn’t stop when your budget does. 

Basically, you’ll pay for both of them. PPC and SEM are pay as you go, running to a pre-set budget and goals. SEO is an initial cost but provides ongoing results and isn’t placed or ranked due to paid ads. Of course, the best results are seen when you bring the two together, helping boost each other for more impressive leads and conversions.

Who is Bambi?

Bambi are leading manufacturers of high-quality, sustainable bedding sold in Australia, New Zealand and overseas markets. For more than 35 years, this family-owned business has been operating in NSW, where you will still find them today. Just a couple of years ago, their online presence was limited, to say the least. Today, they are enjoying a 262% revenue increase thanks to PPC and a whopping 330% return on ad spend – and all in just 6 months!

The Results With SEM

When Bambi joined forces with us, they had a legacy website with a standard UX and a low user experience. There was no PPC history or website tracking and brand awareness was below average.

To help Bambi smash their goals, TALK implemented a variety of strategies to address the above challenges – providing a multi-faceted approach.

  • Creative asset creation in combination with structured sales funnels.
  • Development of customer personas and in-depth consumer research.
  • Advanced A/B testing, eliminating under-performing audiences.
  • Smart retargeting utilising user engagement to drive conversions.
  • The use of dynamic ads and product feed optimisation.
  • ROAS and cost/purchase category and product selection.

In the space of 6-months, Bambi saw increases in revenue and return on ad spend of 262% and 330% respectively. Along with these, they also saw a 29% reduction in cost per purchase! A prime example of what can happen when you have a powerhouse of SEM and PPC experts fighting your corner.

Ready To Reach More People?

PPC is so much more complicated than most people first think. Every aspect of creating and placing your ads needs to be researched, created, optimised, tweaked and analysed from day one, onwards. While the basic steps are doable, PPC can be expensive – much more expensive when done wrong. 

Luckily, we have some of the finest SEM and PPC pros in the industry who can create a strategy unique to your business needs, driving visitors, revenue and ROAC while reducing CPC. At TALK, your success is our success, which is why we put 100% into everything we do.

Ready to reach more people and take your website to the next level of success? Get in touch with us today, have a convo and we’ll work hard to bring your business goals to life.